Elaine's Personal Insights

Nov 17, 2023

ICF South Carolina Member Spotlight

I was recently asked for an interview for the South Carolina chapter of the International Coaching Federation, and here’s what I wrote!
Jun 21, 2022

A New Beginning Part 2: You Got to Have Friends!

Sharing a personal story of moving to a new home and the unexpected challenges encountered, emphasizing the importance of listening to candid feedback from friends and the invaluable support they offer during stressful transitions. The narrative also touches on the significance of having people who can provide honest feedback for leaders to avoid "CEO disease" and make informed decisions.
Jan 5, 2022

A New Beginning!

Sharing a personal journey of reevaluating life goals and making a significant life change by moving to a new city, inspired by attending a transformative workshop and reigniting a long-held dream. The narrative highlights the importance of revisiting dreams and visions, especially at milestone moments, and taking actionable steps towards achieving them, while maintaining a commitment to professional endeavors and embracing new opportunities.
Jun 13, 2020

What Now?

Reflecting on the current societal turmoil and the potential for it to serve as a pivotal moment for racial justice, the author shares personal experiences and conversations with colleagues, emphasizing the importance of self-examination, education, and actionable steps towards eradicating racism, and highlighting various leaders and resources that are contributing to the movement.

Life as Art

Life As Art is a tool to help you explore and clarify essential elements for creating your future. Through the process of reflection, visioning, goal setting, and developing planning habits, it is my hope you will maximize your talents, fulfill your dreams, weather inevitable storms, and sustain proactive positivity in all circumstances!

Life as Art book cover