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Executive coaching and mental fitness training with Elaine Morris.

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Happy clients

Elaine Morris and client

Put a partner on your path to performance.

Get one-on-one executive coaching to develop an interactive, personalized process that guides you to clarify your strengths and to identify the most important growth opportunities to take you to your next level of leadership.

Positive Intelligence

Strengthen your mental fitness.

Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a set of breakthrough, research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you. With it you can handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.

Client testimonials

Transformational stories of executive coaching and positive intelligence.

"Elaine is one of the most prominent and sought-after executive coaches in Dallas, Texas. She combines great business savvy with personal growth tips and skill building, to provide a unique offering to her clients. Elaine and I have co-led leadership teams for years, and she is the “go-to” person for anyone wanting next-level growth. She and I have also co-consulted internally with businesses, and you can’t ask for someone with higher levels of tools and competencies."

Dr. John Townsend

Best selling author and Founder of the Townsend Leadership Program

"Elaine is extremely business savvy and knowledgeable about      career/leadership development. She puts intensive effort into assessing social/emotional intelligence and then creates “assignments” and learning opportunities designed to provoke thought and take you to the next level. Elaine is highly professional yet always willing to provide honest, and sometimes difficult, feedback in a way that is both palatable and motivating. She will give you the tools to grow yourself and is there every step of the way encouraging and celebrating successes as well as comforting through opportunities. Her techniques absolutely work, and she      WILL help you transform as a leader and person."

Kristin Whitehead, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BCK

Executive Vice President Organizational Performance Excellence, HealthLinx®

"Elaine made a major difference in the way I approach my personal and professional lives. She made what I already knew to be good practices even more valuable and easy to do. She has a firm yet calm approach that won me over. This was no easy task in that I had two bad experiences with executive coaches and was initially a resistant student.  If you have the blessing to be in Elaine's presence, do yourself a real favor and get to know her!"

Dallas Diggs

Brand/Business Strategist | Sales Performance Champion | Business Transformation | Fortune 100 P&L Leadership | Speaker

"Elaine is a very gifted coach. I am very impressed with her ability to understand difficult business situations. Elaine is personable and warm while also holding her clients accountable. I have seen Elaine demonstrate superior business understanding in a wide variety of circumstances. Elaine is terrific."

David L. Boyett

Executive Coach, Business Mentor & Group Facilitator

"I've known Elaine for over twenty years. She was my first executive coach and made a huge positive difference at a critical time in my career. Since then we have been colleagues who refer to one another through Vistage and other executive coaching. Elaine has worked with my Vistage CEO members and always done a spectacular job. Elaine has the highest level of integrity and dedication to being of service. I can't say enough about the value obtained from working with Elaine!"

Nina Atwood

Vistage Master Chair | Executive Coach | Author

"Elaine Morris has been a source of training, leadership and coaching for me for almost 25 years. We first met in the mid-'80's when we were both involved in a special type of training and personal development. Spread over these many years, she has lead personal development and team-building sessions of all types for my teams, but most valuable have been her one-on-one coaching sessions wherein she has delivered resolution, results and spot-on advice of all types. Personally, professionally and morally, they do not come any better than Elaine Morris. Whatever it is that is next in my life or career, Elaine will be a vital and most appreciated part of the picture."

Tom Fraser

Omega Capital & Alternative Funding

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Elaine for over 10 years. My company hired her several years ago to conduct a professional training seminar for a group of our leaders. Her course development was strong and her facilitation was exactly what we needed. She presented a course on emotional intelligence for leaders and exceeded our expectations. Since that time, I've attended several of Elaine's training programs and I've been impressed every time by her blend of sound business aptitude and practical leadership tips. I would recommend hiring Elaine for consulting/training/course development anytime."

Trish Thompson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Vice President, HR Partner at Mr. Cooper

"Elaine is gifted with the skill set to dive into any challenging professional situation, engage the entire team in solution development, and make sure everyone walks away with a clear plan of action to promote positive growth.  Executive coaching with Elaine helped form my leadership style and skill set early in my career which has served me very well over the last decade. I not only thank her, but will forever be thankful for the leadership of my company who went out on a limb 10 years ago to invest in me. Elaine is the cream of the crop in her industry. She delivers!  I highly recommend Elaine for team building, strategy development and executive coaching."

Tara Thomason

Land Development - Central Texas

"Elaine is in my personal hall of fame for my life. She challenged and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. As my personal coach she lead me to the realization that no dream is too big or too hard. Do it one step at a time with excellence ... and we agreed to leave the results to God. The results have been amazing! Thank you Elaine for using your gift of coaching to change my life forever"

Joy Weaver

Keynote Speaker, Soft Skills Speaker, Business Etiquette, Protocol, & Customer Solutions Expert, Trainer, Author & Media Resource

"I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Elaine Morris for two years. Elaine coached me in the role of Corporate Controller at PMFG, Inc. The opportunity of working with Elaine was one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences in my life. She has the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience that provided a growth oriented opportunity benefiting both the individual and the company. My only disappointment is that I did not meet her earlier."

Katherine Frazier, CPA

Retired, formerly 7-Eleven

"With her "can do" attitude and broad experience, Elaine is an extremely motivating and effective business consultant and coach. She focuses on the right issues and brings tremendous value in her ability to organize thoughts, ideas and recommended courses of action, in an appropriate and practical manner, both for the organization as a whole and for an individual executive."

Oliver Cone

M&A Advisor | Exit Strategies | Liquidity Transactions | Family Businesses | Founder Owned Companies | Middle Market Investment Banking | Senior Vice President at Bulkley Capital

Credentialed and compassionate.

Elaine knows the tried-and-true approaches as well as the latest innovations in coaching.

Blog & podcast

Resource highlights.

Elaine’s 30 years of experience in the form of notes, ideas, and true thought leadership.

Elaine Morris
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