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A good coach holds you accountable, helps you develop a workable action plan with measurable results, and then follows through to help you course correct along the way.

Elaine’s executive coaching services are interactive, following a personalized process that guides you to clarify your strengths and to identify the most important growth opportunities to take you to your next level of leadership.

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Start with a chemistry meeting.

You can improve only by trusting your guide who will help you in the journey to where you want to go. Get a chance to ask Elaine questions about her history, background, and approach to working with you. Elaine will ask you about your motivation for coaching at this time, seek to understand the obstacles and present-day challenges and through this honest connection, see if this is a good fit.




Set Your Goals, Change Your Life

Elaine will seek to understand the larger context of your business and personal life, and will guide you to assess your needs and create target goals. Together, you will map your progress and expedite performance breakthroughs through dialog, study assignments, and behavioral practices. Success is measured by the progress you make on your goals and also by how you face the inevitable challenges that come up. Through it all, Elaine will help you identify areas where behavioral changes will impact how people respond to you, and in turn how you respond to others.



Progress Tracking

Improve measurable results.

They say you can’t manage what you can’t measure. A part of the process includes identifying tangible business metrics to objectively quantify the impact of coaching. Some examples of metrics clients choose are: profitability, acquisitions, increases in retention, sales, customer satisfaction and service levels. Elaine also utilizes a 360º assessment to show tangible results toward improving your emotional awareness, leadership capacity, and relational skills. As a business leader herself, she knows how important it is to have quantifiable metrics to hold yourself accountable.



Continuous Growth

Let’s agree on our relationship.

By working with Elaine, you agree to a few points that will help our relationship—and your coaching experience—thrive.

  • Open and honest communication
  • Perform agreed upon follow-up work toward goals, including development work which may include reading, doing self-awareness exercises, and more
  • Availability for scheduled meetings on agreed upon regularity
  • Give 24-hour notice if necessary to reschedule, or time will be billed
  • Permission to confront when resistance is evident or other feedback about client’s leadership behaviors
  • Agreement about what information will be shared and with whom
  • Design specific measures for the program, for both leadership development and business results
  • Have regular updates to review results and frankly discuss the effectiveness of the program, like what’s working and not working

Unlock Your Full Potential

Elaine Morris is an experienced executive coach who can help you achieve your professional goals.

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