Executive Coaching

Building Teams and Cultures

Building high-performing teams and nurturing healthy organizational cultures are key to sustained success in any business. Building Teams and Healthy Cultures offers insights and strategies to create cohesive, inclusive, and productive teams. Elaine guides leaders in fostering environments that encourage collaboration, innovation, and respect.

Foster Team Cohesion, Create Positive Cultures

  • Strategies for creating and leading cohesive teams: Techniques to foster positive, inclusive workplace cultures 
  • Guidance in promoting collaboration and innovation within teams.
May 18, 2021

The ROI of Executive Coaching

Explaining the evolution and value of executive coaching in corporate America, detailing how coaching serves as a personalized learning method to enhance leadership effectiveness, and illustrating how to quantify coaching benefits by linking leadership development goals with key business metrics for tangible organizational impact.
Jul 1, 2020

Team Performance - How To Get Better Together

Emphasizing the importance of recognizing a team's strengths, focusing on key behavioral changes, and crafting a compelling vision for the future to achieve long-lasting improvements in team dynamics and productivity.
Feb 1, 2020

Team EQ = Higher Performance

Exploring the concept of group-level emotional intelligence (EI) as a key factor in team performance, highlighting how teams with high EI create trust, a shared identity, and a sense of efficacy, leading to significantly better outcomes compared to teams lacking in these emotional competencies.

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