Life As Art

A Guide for Creating Your Masterpiece

This practical e-book helps you unlock your leadership presence by providing actionable steps to achieving your goals.


An unusual speaker—an artist—made a lasting impression on me and inspired this e-book, Life As Art. It was 2010 in Miami, Florida, and he was speaking to a room full of professional speakers at the annual National Speakers Association conference.

“Creating Your Masterpiece” was packed. I walked into the break-out room and was surprised to see an 8-foot-by-9-foot canvas, made with what looked like a blue bed sheet stretched out over a wood frame. The speaker later confirmed he got the blue sheets from Walmart the night before.

The speaker’s palette stand had a long shelf of large thick pastels in over 50 colors. I was mesmerized and wanted to go over and pick one up to touch. They looked soft and velvety, and the colors were so rich.

He did not look like your typical NSA speaker—you know, that casual yet impeccable chic most business speakers go for. He wore old faded jeans, a paint stained baggy t-shirt, mud-stained boots, and he sported a long ponytail half way down his back.

Oh this is going to be different!