ICF South Carolina Member Spotlight

I was recently asked for an interview for the South Carolina chapter of the International Coaching Federation, and here’s what I wrote!

1. What area do you live in and what brought you to South Carolina?

I live with my husband Rod, on Seabrook Island, a barrier island, about 40 minutes south of Charleston. We moved from Dallas in 2022. We decided to get out of the concrete jungle and enjoy life in a beach community with a maritime forest, yet close enough to a dynamic small city to enjoy great culture, history and food! This blog tells more of the backstory!

2. Why did you become a coach? Do you have a specialty or focus area?

I became a coach in 1987. It was a natural progression from my work experience of 5 years with an organization called “est.” That personal growth company is now called Landmark Education. Committed to transforming people’s lives. My specialty at first was to help small business owners reach their goals, by discovering what was getting in the way of their effectiveness as business owners, leaders of their people and personal limiting beliefs. I continued to work with closely held businesses but larger, mid sized companies. In my career I coach senior level executives or owners. Prior to scaling down my business last year, I also led strategic planning sessions, in-house leadership programs, team retreats and culture related improvement projects. I have used such tools as Emotional Intelligence and more recently Positive Intelligence to help leaders build self-awareness. This helps them in their leadership communication, conflict management, stress level and empowerment of others.

3. What is something that most ICF-SC members would be surprised to learn about you?

That I worked for the Mafia! Originally from New York and from an Italian family, I was working my way through college in 1969. (My old-fashioned parents did not believe in education for women.) I got a job selling magazine subscriptions and encyclopedias door to door in underprivileged neighborhoods. We didn't get paid for the first 6 six weeks (or ever) and yet we were turning in the cash money we collected each week. I finally decided to confront them about this and went to the office to have a talk. The office was empty and phone cords pulled out. I found out later it was a John Gotti family scam.

4. How do you enjoy spending your free time? Any things other members might be surprised about?

I enjoy walking on the beach, love our church community and small group, I do water aerobics 3–5 days a week, I just started a weekly painting class with a local artist. I’m also excited to do a 2-day art class with an artist from Ohio. I’m experimenting with pastels and oils to find my niche. I am in a Positive Intelligence Mastery program that is six months long and we devote 3 hours a week to online group training. Plus a whole lot of meditative practices. It’s really fun and I do love learning. I write blogs and have an e-book. I plan to get back to writing more in the near future.

5. What types of coaches are you looking to connect with? What kind of help are you looking for?

I enjoy connecting with coaches who are just starting out or who have been doing it for years! I always learn from other coaches. I would love more local Charleston coaching clients. Most of my clients now are on zoom and from my Dallas network. However I am also starting up Positive Intelligence online groups with all types of people — whether top leaders or not. I plan to offer an initial 7-week PQ course that requires just 30 minutes of group zoom and use of the PQ app to practice daily. After an initial 7-week experience, I plan to offer Sage Circles for people to continue developing mastery in a small group. I will soon add the offering for 2024 to my website. Stay tuned.

6. In addition to the chapter’s coach directory, where can people connect with you? (This is typically your LinkedIn profile URL and your website.)



Elaine Morris
Executive coach and positive intelligence expert

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Elaine Morris is a master-level emotional intelligence and executive coach who brings more than 30 years of experience to upper level executives and their teams.

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