As we close one year and begin another, I’m so excited to share with you some personal reflections and new developments in my journey as an executive coach. It’s also my pleasure to introduce you to my podcast, The Elaine Morris Show, a space where I explore the nuances of leadership, executive coaching, and the transformative power of positive intelligence.

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In the first two episodes, I discuss personal anecdotes from my journey, including my transition from Dallas to Charleston, and how these changes have influenced my coaching style. The show is a reflection of my commitment to continuous learning and growth, both for myself and those I coach.

Life As Art: Reflection Questions for 2023

One of my most cherished contributions is the “Life As Art” e-book, an essential guide for annual reflection and planning. It’s a perfect resource for this time of year. You can find this on my esources page. “Life As Art” is designed to help you celebrate your accomplishments, learn from every experience, and set a clear path for the future. I believe in the power of reflection to transform not just our careers, but our lives.

New Offerings in My Coaching Practice

As we step into this new year, I am thrilled to introduce some innovative additions to my coaching services:

1. Positive Intelligence (PQ): Begin your journey to personal mastery with our 7-week program focusing on enhancing presence, reducing stress, and improving relationships. This program lays the foundational steps toward deeper self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Read more here.

2. Sage Circles: For those who have completed the 7-week PQ program, our Sage Circles offer an opportunity for ongoing development and community. These circles are a space for continuous learning, sharing, and growth.

3. Aging to Saging: A thoughtful initiative aimed at navigating the life transitions experienced in our later years with insight and grace.

Join the Conversation

I warmly invite you to listen to The Elaine Morris Show, soon to be available on your favorite podcast platforms. For now, you can listen here. I hope my stories and insights resonate with you and inspire your journey in the coming year.

I’m committed to being a part of your journey toward growth and excellence. Here’s to embracing the opportunities and challenges of the new year with optimism and courage.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Elaine Morris
Executive coach and positive intelligence expert

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Elaine Morris is a master-level emotional intelligence and executive coach who brings more than 30 years of experience to upper level executives and their teams.

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