Positive intelligence (PQ) plays an essential role in both personal and professional development. It’s a groundbreaking methodology that helps us recognize when our brain is at its peak performance, known as the “sage brain,” and when it falls into counterproductive patterns, or the “saboteur brain.” In our sage state, we embody qualities like encouragement, presence, and deep listening, while the saboteur state often leads to judgment, impulsiveness, and defensive behavior.

The core aim of positive intelligence is to strengthen our “sage muscle,” allowing us to spend more time in our most productive and positive state. This involves integrating mindful practices into our daily routines, fostering better emotional regulation, and enhancing our presence in every moment. The PQ program isn’t about seeking perfection but about consistent progress and effort.

To embark on this journey, start by exploring the Positive Intelligence book. Additionally, sign up for the program on the Positive Intelligence website, where you’ll gain access to the app and a wealth of resources. Notably, research underscores the benefits of group participation, amplifying the impact of individual practice.

Joining the program with others fosters mutual support and accountability. Just dedicating a few minutes each day to developing your positive intelligence can lead to profound changes, such as navigating challenges with ease, building stronger relationships, and aligning behaviors with core values.

I have personally experienced the transformative power of the positive intelligence program. It has not only boosted my happiness and resilience but also significantly improved my clients' professional and personal lives, making them better listeners, more adept at handling conflict, and more focused at work.

The program is designed for accessibility, even for those with busy schedules. It spans eight weeks with half-hour weekly group meetings and requires about 15 minutes of daily practice, broken down into shorter segments for convenience.

Participants engage in practices that enhance mindfulness and somatic awareness, easily integrated into everyday activities like deep breathing, feeling your body’s weight, or rubbing your fingertips together. Regular practice cultivates emotional resilience and creates tangible improvements in your life.

In summary, positive intelligence is a vital tool for mental fitness and well-being. By investing a small amount of time each day and participating in the program, you can unlock your full potential and lead a more fulfilling life.

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