Setting and Reaching Goals in 2024

This time of year is a time for setting goals, dreaming big, and most importantly, embarking on a journey of making those dreams a tangible reality. Let’s explore how we can unlock our full potential this year.

Embracing Change with a Plan and Support

As we’ve all experienced, goals at this time of year is a tradition marked more by their failure than their success. Why is it that these well-intentioned goals often fall by the wayside? The key issue lies in our ambition to change too much too quickly, without a solid plan or adequate support. This is where the transformative power of coaching can truly shine.

Imagine a coach not just as a goal-setter but as a partner in your success journey. They view you as a whole person—considering your work, family life, health, and beyond. This holistic approach is essential because success in one aspect of life often positively influences others.

Take, for example, a leader I worked with who aimed to create a more accountable culture in her team. This goal fit nicely with her personal goal to have more work-life balance—less grueling hours and more time for herself and her family. By having her team become more autonomous and self-generating, the leader had more time to herself. She used it to lead from a higher level and to become more strategically focused—which her boss had urged her to do. She was also able to leave work on time more often and have more energy for her family.

Similarly, another client of mine focused on creating more “white space” in his life for better health, self-care, and time for cherished hobbies. As he made progress, he and others noticed he was in a better mood, more creative in solving problems and his increased humor raised the morale of his team. This holistic perspective takes into account that you are a whole person, and you are not a machine.

As a human being, you also need relational encouragement, support and perspective. An essential part of this journey is your support network. Who will stand beside you, challenge you, and help you grow? These individuals could be professional coaches, colleagues, friends, or family members.

Remember, this journey is not a solitary one; it’s enriched by the people who accompany you. It also helps to get feedback from those who know you well.

The 360-Degree Feedback

A pivotal aspect of effective coaching is the 360-degree perspective. This involves seeking feedback from various sources—your colleagues, superiors, and even family members. Such comprehensive feedback can be eye-opening and serve as important information about how you can accomplish your goals.

A leader who sought to become a more emotionally intelligent and inspiring leader asked his coach to interview his direct reports. He had been hard at work on building his self-awareness and through positive intelligence practices, he became less reactive and more empathetic. It was helpful for him to hear that his managers appreciated his improved listening skills. However, he also received input from team members that they sometimes don’t know how to read him. When we can’t read someone it can elevate fear or mistrust. They didn’t miss the old knee-jerk reactions. But in his quest to listen deeply, they were stumped to know more about what he thought about a given issue. Sometimes we make a positive change, but need to tweak it. Having a feedback loop is essential to this process.

The Impact of Self Improvement

The transformations I’ve witnessed in my clients over the years have been truly inspiring. From enhanced team engagement and improved conflict resolution to personal health goals and experiencing inner peace, the benefits of self improvement efforts are wide-ranging and deeply impactful.

As you look forward to the rest of 2024, I encourage you to set three key themes for yourself—focusing on your leadership, your personal life, and perhaps a goal that bridges both areas. Consider not just what you want to achieve but also who you want to become in the process.

Focus not just on the goals but on the transformative journey ahead. With the right mindset, support, and actionable steps, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Here’s to a phenomenal 2024—a year of growth, success, and fulfillment!


Elaine Morris
Executive coach and positive intelligence expert

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Elaine Morris is a master-level emotional intelligence and executive coach who brings more than 30 years of experience to upper level executives and their teams.

Elaine Morris