Townsend Leadership Program
Master leadership presence.

In today’s challenging business environment, leaders are looking for sustainable and innovative solutions and new ways to succeed.

Dr. John Townsend, best-selling author and leadership expert, designed the Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) as a highly effective way to help business professionals achieve the outcomes they desire in leadership as well as overcome and eliminate obstacles which may be preventing them from realizing their full potential.

Elaine has led or co-led the TLP in the Dallas area since 2010. She and John Townsend went on to expand the TLP by training a group of highly skilled leadership coaches to lead TLP in their own cities. 

Why join a TLP group?

As a member of The Townsend Leadership Program, you will experience significant performance results in all aspects of life, including your professional and personal goals. The program will demonstrate the principle that your career and life can be integrated seamlessly and productively.

What is TLP like?

Teams of a maximum of 10 members meet one full day per month. Each team member is selected by best-fit interviews with Elaine from a wide variety of sectors.

Think of it like a peer support group who meets all day long in a holistic program, seeking to attain goals that affect personal lives and as well as business lives.

About the program



The program uses a variety of approaches to help professionals grow and expand in their specialties, including:

  • Stretch goals that direct the course of the leader’s growth
  • Unique content lectures designed by Dr. Townsend and delivered by Elaine
  • Individual coaching sessions with Elaine
  • Confidential small group sessions with the leadership team
  • SWOT analysis sessions
  • Current readings on leadership and organizational performance
  • A customized homework system tailored to each team member’s agenda

To learn more, visit the Townsend Leadership site.


I have had the joy of working with Elaine Morris for several months. She has been a personal coach for me and one of our executive staff members, where she helped us reorganize one of our departments and develop an action plan to turn things around in a troubled department. She is thorough in asking questions and discovering needs. She is firm but flexible and very practical. She is the best consultant and coach I have ever had, which says a lot since I’ve had several.
— Walter Guillaume, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Rowlett