Elaine Morris • Executive Coach

Leadership Training
Develop high-performance teams.

About the program

Developing high-performance teams can seem like a somewhat easy task, but many high-ranking executives struggle to find the cohesion they desire.

Our leadership training program is an ideal format for addressing systemic issues, leadership challenges, or even long-standing issues or conflicts. It’s a special time dedicated to going deeper, beyond the surface, to discover pathways to authentic and lasting change and fostering team motivation.

Elaine Morris is among a select few coaches specially trained in the dynamics of Team Emotional Intelligence. She makes it emotionally safe for participants to bring up difficult conversations, reach agreements, strengthen trust, resolve conflict, face challenges, take risks, and collaborate on finding mutually beneficial outcomes.

Leading high-performance teams takes patience and understanding.

With the aid of leading assessment tools, Elaine works toward revitalizing your organization’s culture to better meet your objectives through determining needs, targeting goals, mapping progress, and measuring specific results. These proven tools and methods also help to expedite the communication process to enhance self-awareness for each participant.

The leadership training process is not about teaching theories or concepts. Your team will uncover core issues that hinder progress and lead to office politics, confusion, lost productivity, and low morale. By addressing the underlying conditions behind the symptoms, your team develops synergy, which empowers them to perform better, trust more, take positive action, and work more effectively together. Everyone will learn how to better manage team performance as well as learn how to better communicate, grow, evolve, and encourage positive changes.

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Elaine Morris for two years. Elaine coached me in the role of Corporate Controller at PMFG, Inc. The opportunity of working with Elaine was one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences in my life. She has the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience that provided a growth oriented opportunity benefiting both the individual and the company. My only disappointment is that I did not meet her earlier.
— Katherine Frazier