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Reality Test with EQ 360 Feedback

Work smarter not harder! We’ve all heard that expression, but what does that really mean and how do you actually do that? One way to think about working smarter is to leverage your strengths and intentionally minimize what you don’t do best. Since most of us have biases and blind spots about our own strengths and how our personality and habits impact others, we need input—a reality check! Input from others also helps to build our Self-Awareness, a cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence—the set of skills that influence our ability to cope with life’s various demands and pressures.

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Build Rapport and Accountability through One-to-one Sessions

A client was recently promoted to president of a mid-sized company and suddenly faced the challenge of building a solid working relationship with his new direct reports, whom he’d known for many years as co-workers. “Now that I’m their boss, I need to somehow establish a new way of relating,” he told me. “I don’t want to be heavy handed and yet I do need to hold them to account.”

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