Big Goals Require Big Support!

Are you looking for a coach, a training program, or some kind of structure that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be?

I often receive inquiries on my website from leaders who are looking for a coach. They say things like, “I want to make a transition from corporate life into my own business,” or “I want to handle conflict better,” or “My role is growing and I need some help in dealing with this new level of responsibility.”

Let’s face it. We all need help to grow. The people who say they don’t need help likely don’t have the kind of aspirations that take them beyond what they can do on their own. Big goals require big support!

The Townsend Leadership Program (TLP), designed by psychologist and author John Townsend, is an intensive curriculum for professionals who are interested in finding out that what they don’t know, they don’t know. It’s for leaders who want to stand out in their ability to communicate, connect, and influence — at work, at home and in all of the areas in which they want to make a positive impact.

Conducted over the course of a year in monthly, all-day sessions (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) each leader sets 3 stretch goals. The goals are partly business and partly personal. This is an inside-out approach to growth that’s holistic in nature, integrating the mind, the body, and the spirit.

One of the unique aspects of TLP is learning to identify, attune, and embrace one’s emotions, seeing them as valuable resources. In fact, it’s like an information system. Most of us have been taught to dismiss and avoid our feelings.

Yet research has now affirmed that emotionally attuned leaders are the most successful in attracting and retaining the best employees and fostering cultures that are productive, lively, and creative. People who are in touch with their own emotions are best able to exhibit empathy, the most foundational “people” skill.

I have been coaching executives for the past 30 years, and I can tell you that most leaders struggle with one or more of these issues:

  • Having difficult conversations while preserving the relationship 

  • Navigating corporate politics with integrity

  • Achieving imperative goals while being sensitive to the needs of team members

  • Making time to develop people

  • Setting appropriate boundaries, while still being responsive to others

  • Preserving balance in work and personal life

  • Being strategic and yet tactically efficient, effective, and focused

Here is what one senior leader shared after participating in TLP for multiple years. This highly successful leader of a global organization started TLP with these goals:

  1. Increase effectiveness in confrontation skills and handling conflict in general 

  2. Develop communication skills to have a broader influence with those above him

  3. Maintain clearer boundaries on his time and energy, allowing for more creativity and less stress

This TLP member accomplished those goals and more. Here is what he shared:

Trusting you to start coaching me almost four years ago is one of the most consequential decisions I’ve ever made. I can say with gratitude and inner peace that the consequences have been life-giving and life-affirming. I didn’t like the path I was on before you started working with me. But now, I feel so much better about where I am and the path forward.

I still have more inner work to do, and with God’s help I’ll build on what you have taught me. I have tried to grow for as long as I can remember, but as I’ve shared before, my growth kept hitting a ceiling and the critical voice inside has been quick to magnify my failures. But the last four years have taught me that my efforts are not about striving harder or about criticizing myself. Rather, they are about owning my needs, getting support from others, living out of a clear sense of “yes” and “no” (boundaries!), befriending myself, and befriending reality. And about trusting the process of grace, truth, and time. 

These are the things you’ve taught me. Not so much intellectually, but in a way that finally reached my heart and someplace more visceral inside of me. Someplace where it finally made a difference and I didn’t feel like I was hitting a growth ceiling anymore. That sounds like and feels like freedom. And there’s no way I could have staggered my way to this much better place by myself. Thank you for guiding me here.

To be clear, TLP is not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a transformation in your leadership and life, let’s talk.

I have a limited number of spaces for my 2020 TLP. However, there are TLP groups offered by other TLP Directors in the Dallas area as well as in many other cities. Email me at to set up a 20-minute phone interview.

Let’s accomplish your goals more effectively — together.