What Leaders Really Need

“This is the best training session we’ve had all year!”

A group of leaders I train regularly asked that we raise the level of our “check-in” time. We did and there was much personal and professional vulnerability around the table. No rush, plenty of time, a half-day away from the office, phones off, even watches taken off the wrist and set aside, with space to breathe and no pressure to be “in charge”—to meet deadlines or solve problems.

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Reality Test with EQ 360 Feedback

Work smarter not harder! We’ve all heard that expression, but what does that really mean and how do you actually do that? One way to think about working smarter is to leverage your strengths and intentionally minimize what you don’t do best. Since most of us have biases and blind spots about our own strengths and how our personality and habits impact others, we need input—a reality check! Input from others also helps to build our Self-Awareness, a cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence—the set of skills that influence our ability to cope with life’s various demands and pressures.

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What’s the value of time together?

Management teams who regularly invest time together to plan the future tend to be far more successful in running profitable and growing companies. Setting uninterruptible time aside to take your whole executive team out of the day-to-day operations to an off-site for two to three days may seem like a hefty investment.

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