What’s the value of time together?

Management teams who regularly invest time together to plan the future tend to be far more successful in running profitable and growing companies. Setting uninterruptible time aside to take your whole executive team out of the day-to-day operations to an off-site for two to three days may seem like a hefty investment.

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StrategyElaine Morris
Emotional Intelligence: A Path to Growth

After 40 years of scientific research, behavioral and organizational psychologists have proven that the differentiating factor in leadership performance is what is now known in business circles today as emotional intelligence (EQ). Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, was the first to make the best-seller list. Since that time, hundreds of books and studies have confirmed that IQ and technical skills are very important, but merely a threshold — a high IQ is not enough.

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Become a Culture-building Leader by Building Self-awareness

Culture-building leaders get people fired up by sharing their vision and showing how their company contributes to the good of society. Building self-awareness is key to developing this kind of leadership! This may seem counterintuitive, or even self-centered, but leaders who build the most innovative and high-performing cultures have high self-awareness in 3 key areas.

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CultureElaine Morris
How to Talk to Your Boss

Many employees experience difficulties with their bosses’ behavior, expectations, or management style. A lack of availability, clear direction or feedback, unreasonable workloads, and expectations that you’ll respond to emails or phone calls 24/7, top the list of concerns I hear from my clients. But how do you talk to your boss about these issues without damaging your relationship—or your reputation?

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