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Townsend Leadership Program



In today’s challenging business environment, leaders are looking for sustainable and innovative solutions and new ways to succeed. Dr. John Townsend, best-selling author and leadership expert, designed the Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) as a highly effective way to help business professionals achieve the outcomes they desire in leadership as well as overcome and eliminate obstacles which may be preventing them from realizing their full potential.

Elaine is the National Executive Director for TLP. She has co-led the TLP with Dr. Townsend for over five years and has studied and applied the Townsend model in business and personal settings for the past 12 years.


What does the Townsend Leadership Program include?

Today’s leaders need a complete skill set to help their organizations perform at high levels. These critical skills break down in two categories.

Benefits: As a member of The Townsend Leadership Program, you will experience significant performance results in all aspects of life, including your professional and personal goals. The program will demonstrate the principle that your career and life can be integrated seamlessly and productively. Membership: Teams of a maximum of 10 members meet one full day per month. Team members are selected by best-fit interviews with Elaine from a variety of sectors, including:

  • Family owned businesses
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting
  • Retail
  • Health and medicine
  • Real estate

Aspects: The program uses a variety of approaches to help professionals grow and expand in their specialties, including:

  • Stretch goals that direct the course of the leader’s growth
  • Unique content lectures designed by Dr. Townsend and delivered by Elaine
  • Individual coaching sessions with Elaine
  • Confidential small group sessions with the leadership team
  • SWOT analysis sessions
  • Current readings on leadership and organizational performance
  • Marriage/Relationship Retreat in April
  • A customized homework system tailored to each team member’s agenda

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Townsend Leadership Program

Dr. Townsend is uniquely qualified as he facilitates the group through the various types of sessions.  It's a privilege, for me, to be working with the very special group of leaders that have been assembled.  For example, I had a very critical relationship challenge with another leader that was at a 'make-or-break' point.  I received tremendous insights from the group and John.  The conversation I had the following day went fantastic.  They helped me speak the truth in such a way that made the confrontation a tremendous success.

Senior Executive, Large Retailer

I have received amazing value.  The power of a teacher/leader/facilitator of John Townsend's caliber combined with the work of a support group is incredible! I highly recommend the TLP to any leader who desires success and reaching their potential.

Private Client Manager, Large Bank

The Townsend Leadership Program experience with Dr. Townsend was a process of self discovery which not only enhanced my leadership capabilities and at the same time, offered me a unique opportunity for personal

Co-Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Children's Hospital

John's teaching is excellent, the group is encouraging, and the process time is challenging and fruitful. I highly recommend TLP to leaders who are willing to address limiting areas of their personal makeup and desire growth in their personal and interpersonal leadership.

CEO, Business Organization

I enjoyed learning from John. He is a wealth of information in a variety of areas and I found his expertise and guidance both personally and with the group to be extraordinary.   The greatest takeaway is it benefits me, as a leader, to work on improving my people skills, to listen, to strive for greater understanding.

CEO, Museum

The program bridges the chasm from Informational to Transformational. The interaction is personal and I can see amazing change that is taking place in myself as well as others. Changes that I believe are actual and permanent, not a typical temporary  positive response. TLP presents a way of realizing and growing past the glass ceilings placed over our heads by our own potential limiting character.

Business Owner, Computer Industry

Both professionally and personally, my life has changed more through TLP than any other life or business experience. I've been energized by the business strategizing and encouragement I've received for my career change.  John not only gives strategic business principles with "right-on" examples, but he also uses role playing where he personally models the healthy way to confront the challenging business situations we each face.

Business Owner, Certified Life Coach

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