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Team Performance

Develop High Performing Teams 


Developing high performance teams can seem like a somewhat easy task, but many high-ranking executives struggle to find the cohesion they desire. Team Performance Retreats are an ideal format for addressing systemic issues, leadership challenges, or even long-standing issues or conflicts.  It’s a special time dedicated to going deeper, beyond the surface, to discover pathways to authentic and lasting change and fostering team motivation.

Elaine Morris is among a select few coaches specially trained in the dynamics of Team Emotional Intelligence. She makes it emotionally safe for participants to bring up difficult conversations, reach agreements, strengthen trust, resolve conflict, face challenges, take risks and collaborate on finding mutually beneficial outcomes.

Leading high performance teams takes patience and understanding 

With the aid of leading assessment tools, Elaine works toward revitalizing your organization’s culture to better meet your objectives through determining needs, targeting goals, mapping progress and measuring specific results. These proven tools and methods also help to expedite the communication process to enhance self-awareness for each participant.

The offsite Team Performance process is not about teaching theories or concepts. Your team will uncover core issues that hinder progress and lead to office politics, confusion, lost productivity and low morale. By addressing the underlying conditions behind the symptoms, your team develops synergy, which empowers them to perform better, trust more, take positive action and work more effectively together. Everyone will learn how to better manage team performance as well as learn how to better communicate, grow, evolve and encourage positive changes.

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Team Performance

Through your efforts and coaching, our team has developed tremendously.  This growth resulted in enhanced opportunities and increasing job satisfaction.  These improvements have also had a significant impact on the ‘bottom line.’  I forecast a 100% increase in 1st Quarter profits over last year.

CEO, Commercial Real Estate Company

Participants in this two day workshop made specific commitments to increase their skills, take action on the job and produce results at a higher level than previously achieved.  Significant performance improvements and business results were realized from this “blended learning” initiative.  Surveys of the property manager’s supervisors indicated an overall 47% skills improvement in the three competencies (Business Proactivity, Financial Credibility and Market Awareness).  The Asset Management group evaluated the actions taken by the property managers during the 90 follow-up and attributed over $8 million of value added to the properties as a result of their actions.

Senior Leader, Real Estate Development

While we didn’t have a dysfunctional team, we were not operating at full capacity.  Through a very well structured, pointed, 2 ½ days, Elaine was able to help us begin to see each other for our own authentic selves, strengths and weaknesses, passions and fears.  We had a clear and cohesive plan of attack when we left after the reunion and a renewed sense of focus, hope and belonging to a common cause. I highly recommend her retreat services to any executive team looking to function at a higher level.

Vice President, Sales

I now have team members who take on projects that were stuck in my office. My sales are up 30%, my training manual is started and our holiday sales are at $70,000 already. We have better teamwork, more clarity and focus. The program provides a structure over a long enough period of time to have projects where you can see the results and their fulfillment.

CEO, Landscape and Interior Plant Company

Through our partnership with Elaine, we have created a level of communication and relatedness with our clients and vendors that exceeds what I believed was possible. Her coaching for leadership and effective communication has brought us to the point where we can not only reach our goals, but exceed them.

CEO, Design Firm

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