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Executive Coaching

“Working with Elaine gave me and my management team specific tools to gain trust amongst ourselves in order to have honest, direct and productive conversations.  I have learned to focus on the strategic which allows my management team to focus on the day-to-day activities of our team.  This has resulted in significant increases in project wins, increased confidence in ourselves, improvement in our team’s perceptions of management’s leadership and perhaps most importantly, great improvement in our team’s overall morale and enthusiasm in general.”
– Principal, Architectural Firm

“I have had the joy of working with Elaine Morris for several months. She has been a personal coach for me and one of our executive staff members.  She helped us reorganize one of our departments. She helped us develop an action plan to turn things around in a troubled department.  She is thorough in asking questions and discovery of needs. She is firm but flexible. She has the gift of discernment. She is very practical. She is the best consultant and coach I have ever had and that says a lot since I have had several.”
– Executive Pastor, Church

“I have grown so much over the last 5 years, through the corporate group coaching as well as from the personal one on one business coaching. I am a different person in the way that I approach employees and how I interact with my peers.  I find I am a better friend, a better wife and I hope a much better boss.  I know I do not say Thank You enough, but you truly have changed my life.”
– Senior Executive, Financial Services

“Our executive team’s ability to lead, manage, and build our culture was greatly enhanced by the leadership coaching provided by Elaine Morris.  There is a noticeable difference in our leader’s communication skills and ability to confront difficult conversations.”
– President, Urgent Health Care organization

“Thank you for the excellent feedback session today! I could sense that you genuinely care about the people you work with. You were also perceptive and quickly grasped the important points. I learned a tremendous amount in the 2 hours with you, and I’ll take away some great ideas and actions. You used the iceberg metaphor in your description, and I felt that about you. Our session was the tip of the iceberg, and I could feel the deep submerged part in the discussion. There is a deep wisdom informing your style, and I appreciate it. Even though I’m introverted, I cherish time with a great mind. Thanks for that time.”
– Senior Leader, Government Organization

“The training and coaching you provided was the most intentional and goal-directed I have ever experienced. Not only did I achieve the professional goals I targeted, but I fulfilled on having balance and satisfaction in my personal life as well. Traditional training programs give you wonderful ideas and knowledge, but your unique approach gives participants the strong follow-through in one-on-one sessions and through the structure of an 8 month program. Before the program, I wondered what I could do to get beyond the plateau I seemed to be stuck in. I felt frustrated and uninspired in my business and now I have a sense of confidence, clarity and enthusiasm for what I am creating for the future.”
– Business Owner, Insurance Company

“I have realized an increase of over 100% in my revenue. The training I received in the areas of communication, marketing and planning has proved invaluable in providing the necessary foundation for the growth of my young firm. The success of my corporation is dependent on my ability to communicate to potential clients and investors such that they realize that their needs can be satisfied by my firm.”
– Founder, Exploration and Engineering Firm

“I have found my participation with you to be a continuing source of knowledge, insight and empowerment for me in my business…I would recommend your training and leadership abilities for any business owner or manager.”
– Owner and Counselor, Psychological Counseling Services

“Working with Elaine was a turning point in my career…it made an enormous difference in my effectiveness as a business woman.”
– President, Restaurant Chain and later voted “Entrepreneur of the Year” by her Chamber of Commerce

“My dealings with Elaine have extended over the past 5 years. She has distinguished herself from the ever-increasing pack of coaches and mentors selling their services with her compassion and talent for getting to the root issues which are negatively impacting a targeted outcome. I have every confidence in her ability to positively influence both organizational growth and personal development of key associates while keeping in sight the cost/benefit justification of engaging her services. Her programs have done a great deal to solidify the team culture and improve communication within my area of responsibility. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the discretion she exercises in dealing with all levels of individuals throughout an organization. Working with Elaine and her associates has been nothing but a positive experience, with results always oriented toward impacting the bottom line. “
– Senior Vice President, Multifamily Property Operations

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the coaching services you have provided for the past 7 years at JPI. You have energized our people, provided sensitive feedback, challenged and confronted when necessary and have helped our people grow tremendously. I personally benefited from the coaching by growing in my capacity to mentor others, and through understanding myself I have become a more effective leader of others. Since we began working together I have had several promotions and I count you among my greatest supporters.”
– Senior Executive, Real Estate Management Firm

“I gained a sense of who I am professionally. Being a young executive, the identification of strengths and weaknesses and tracking these items over a specific time period allowed both personal and perceived change to be realized. Elaine’s tools for dealing with challenging inter-professional relationships are ‘real world’ and not based solely on theory. Because of these attributes, I gained self-confidence and an awareness of other people in a corporate setting that has allowed me to succeed not only during the time I worked with Elaine, but has carried through for years into my professional career. Time with Elaine is an investment that can’t be measured monetarily.”
– Vice President, Real Estate Research Services

Team Performance

“Through your efforts and coaching, our team has developed tremendously. This growth resulted in enhanced opportunities and increasing job satisfaction. These improvements have also had a significant impact on the ‘bottom line.’ I forecast a 100% increase in 1st Quarter profits over last year.”
– CEO, Commercial Real Estate Company

“Participants in this two day workshop made specific commitments to increase their skills, take action on the job and produce results at a higher level than previously achieved.  Significant performance improvements and business results were realized from this “blended learning” initiative.  Surveys of the property manager’s supervisors indicated an overall 47% skills improvement in the three competencies (Business Proactivity, Financial Credibility and Market Awareness).  The Asset Management group evaluated the actions taken by the property managers during the 90 follow-up and attributed over $8 million of value added to the properties as a result of their actions.”
– Senior Leader, Real Estate Development

“While we didn’t have a dysfunctional team, we were not operating at full capacity.  Through a very well structured, pointed, 2 ½ days, Elaine was able to help us begin to see each other for our own authentic selves, strengths and weaknesses, passions and fears.  We had a clear and cohesive plan of attack when we left after the reunion and a renewed sense of focus, hope and belonging to a common cause.   I highly recommend her retreat services to any executive team looking to function at a higher level.”
– Vice President, Sales

“I now have team members who take on projects that were stuck in my office. My sales are up 30%, my training manual is started and our holiday sales are at $70,000 already. We have better teamwork, more clarity and focus. The program provides a structure over a long enough period of time to have projects where you can see the results and their fulfillment.”
– CEO, Landscape and Interior Plant Company

“Through our partnership with Elaine, we have created a level of communication and relatedness with our clients and vendors that exceeds what I believed was possible. Her coaching for leadership and effective communication has brought us to the point where we can not only reach our goals, but exceed them.”
– CEO, Design Firm

Strategic Planning

“You’ve helped us with three meetings now. The value of that help is immense. I’ve worked with other consultants in the past. I’ve never had anyone combine the planning, the facilitation, the personal coaching, the contribution to the discussions, the flexibility, and the strength as effectively as you have—–all with a very personal touch that the group responded to. I think every person in the group, including me, has learned, has grown, and is literally a better person for that knowledge. How do you value that?”
– CEO, Direct Sales Company

“Your firm’s involvement from the strategic business planning stage, to the needs assessment stage, to the design and delivery of the workshop and the post workshop follow-up helped transfer workshop learning into workplace action. ..We are very pleased with the results we realized from your consulting and training services and the use of the follow-up support tool, and would highly recommend you in the future.”
– Senior Vice President, Real Estate Company

”Your facilitation allowed us to accomplish much more than we have ever accomplished before during our year end planning. I would recommend you and your process to anyone that is serious about strategic planning.”
– Partner – Financial Services Firm

“We now have a 21st century company vision.”
– Founder/CEO – Technology Company

“What can I say but a big ‘thank you’ for your gifts on Saturday. It was all I expected and more. I heard from a number of people of their delight in what happened at our retreat. I’ve spoken with most of the directors who came to talk with me about what happened. We’re committed to getting rid of the “elephant” in the corner. You helped us ever so much—and then you offered to talk with me should the need arise. I’m very blessed. Thank you again for your great help.”
 Director, Non Profit Community Services

Leadership Coaching Program

“Dr. Townsend is uniquely qualified as he facilitates the group through the various types of sessions.  It’s a privilege, for me, to be working with the very special group of leaders that have been assembled.  For example, I had a very critical relationship challenge with another leader that was at a ‘make-or-break’ point.  I received tremendous insights from the group and John.  The conversation I had the following day went fantastic.  They helped me speak the truth in such a way that made the confrontation a tremendous success.”
 Senior Executive, Large Retailer

 “I have received amazing value.  The power of a teacher/leader/facilitator of John Townsend’s caliber combined with the work of a support group is incredible! I highly recommend the LCP to any leader who desires success and reaching their potential.”
 Private Client Manager, Large Bank

“The Leadership Coaching Program experience with Dr. Townsend was a process of self discovery which not only enhanced my leadership capabilities and at the same time, offered me a unique opportunity for personal growth.”
 Co-Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Children’s Hospital

“John’s teaching is excellent, the group is encouraging, and the process time is challenging and fruitful. I highly recommend LCP to leaders who are willing to address limiting areas of their personal makeup and desire growth in their personal and interpersonal leadership.”
 CEO, Business Organization

“I enjoyed learning from John. He is a wealth of information in a variety of areas and I found his expertise and guidance both personally and with the group to be extraordinary.   The greatest takeaway is it benefits me, as a leader, to work on improving my people skills, to listen, to strive for greater understanding.”
 CEO, Museum

“The program bridges the chasm from Informational to Transformational. The interaction is personal and I can see amazing change that is taking place in myself as well as others. Changes that I believe are actual and permanent, not a typical temporary  positive response. LCP presents a way of realizing and growing past the glass ceilings placed over our heads by our own potential limiting character.”
 Business Owner, Computer Industry

“Both professionally and personally, my life has changed more through LCP than any other life or business experience. I’ve been energized by the business strategizing and encouragement I’ve received for my career change.  John not only gives strategic business principles with “right-on” examples, but he also uses role playing where he personally models the healthy way to confront the challenging business situations we each face.”
 Business Owner, Certified Life Coach

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